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流浪的彩虹王子 -- 多國語言歌仔戲
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about the story

He was a lonely backpacker
with a brain injury

Sometimes he forgot who he was
and where he was going
He liked to dance with the birds in the park
and he enjoyed looking at the murals on the streets

all the spirits on the murals came to him
and told him who he was and
the mission he needed to be doing

about the Director

My name is Brian delu Fan, the director/lead actor of  “Lost Rainbow Prince”, an experimental multi-language musical in the format of a web-series.

I perform various characters in the story, using skills I have developed in: Qi-Dance (a combination of Qi-Gong and Modern Dance); lip syncing in multiple languages; story-telling; and motion graphic design. My aim is to connect different parts of the world by lip syncing music from many countries and in many languages. I hope this work will begin to connect the music and the hearts and the rainbows of the world.

Even though I grew up in rural Taiwan, I have always had an interest in making connections: I studied International Business, served two years in the Taiwanese Navy, worked for a major airlines company in Taipei, and then studied in the United States. My interests and skills have developed over time. I studied and worked as graphic designer; studied Motion Graphic Design and Modern Dance, and developed an increasing interest in film. I have directed and acted in a number of videos. Over the last few years, I have developed a passion for Qi-Dance. Qi-Gong is a branch of traditional Chinese Martial Arts for health and spiritual development. Given my background in modern dance, appropriate music naturally elicits Qi-Gong movements in a form of dance.

During the process of doing my Qi-Dance, I have developed one piece of specialized equipment,  the “B-Ball”. Using the “B-Ball” involves learning a special dance technique of balancing a ball on a tall pole. Accompanied by appropriate music, the dancer learns to move his or her body around as naturally as large birds move in flight: it is a matter of learning to maintain balance and harmony. As skill is developed, the advanced dancers can learn to cross a crowded park while simultaneously keeping a right balance with all the other activities in this public space. B-Ball not only enhances our physical well-being through exercise and stretching, but also develops concentration, a sense of grace in movement, a panoramic sense of our environment as we move, and the capacity to coordinate playfully and harmoniously with the activities of our neighbors.

I have also been performing in costume as the cartoon character “Pink Panther” at a few tourist vista points in San Francisco and during special public events such as the Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, and in public spaces such as the Union Square area during the Christmas and New Year season. My intention in doing this is TO INSPIRE  PEOPLE.

-- Brian delu Fan